Next weekend, Saint John will launch our 2019 Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries at our parish. Formerly known as the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal, the same support for the spiritual and corporal works of mercy in our local church is being requested under a new name and a new brand. With the support of Annual Appeal monies, the Archdiocese of Baltimore provides pastoral, educational, and charitable ministries to parishes and families throughout the Archdiocese. 

It is no secret that 2018 proved a difficult one for our Church, both locally and universally. It was clear to the Lay Allocations Committee of the Appeal and to the Archbishop himself that a new name and a new message needed to be presented to the people of the Archdiocese of Baltimore in order to clear up any misconceptions about the purpose of the Appeal and ultimately where the monies go. “It bears repeating that Appeal funds are NEVER used for purposes other than those stipulated in the Spending Plan, which does not include legal costs incurred by the Archdiocese for any reason.” (James Hamilton, Chair, Annual Appeal Allocations Oversight Committee)

The Appeal is truly a support system for the many ministries across the 9 counties and Baltimore City included in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. The Closing Tabloid for the 2018 Appeal detailed, as it does every year, what percentage of the monies support which ministries, including the overall rebate back to parishes for their own designated needs, which totaled over $2.8 million.

Last year, our parish received money from the Appeal to support our Saint John Catholic School with needed tuition assistance and getting our new Youth Ministry off the ground. With your assistance our Saint John School is now growing for the 1st time in 12 years and we are making tremendous strides in both middle and high school youth ministry, supporting campus ministry at McDaniel College and forming a new young adult ministry.

The Appeal also financially supported important ministries like Catholic Charities, St. Vincent de Paul, Respect Life, Deaf Ministry, Camp GLOW and so much more. Please help maintain and grow the Appeal so that these ministries can continue to benefit from the generosity of the faithful and show the great love each one of us has for our local church.

With Love,

Fr. Mark

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