Beginning this summer, plans for the construction of a new columbarium at the St. John Cemetery (behind the public library on Main St.) will be made available to any interested parishioners. A columbarium will allow for the burial of cremains. As you may know, our historic cemetery no longer has plots available for burial and through the generosity of the Shriver family we will now have space for ashes to be interred. Over these past months we have been working with McCleskey Mausoleums and we have just received approval for construction from the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

Before construction can begin, we will need the funds. Funds will be placed in an escrow account once they have been raised through the selling of individual niches. Once the required amount of pre-sales have been obtained, the parish will release these funds from escrow for construction. Since more people are choosing the option of cremation, we are pleased that our historic cemetery will once again be an option for our families to lay their loved ones to rest. More information will be presented to the parish soon.

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