Rick Grinstead

About Rick Grinstead


Director of Youth and Young Adults

Position: Director of Youth and Young Adult

How long have you been working at St. John? 1 year

Town where you live: Hanover

Hometown, where you grew up: Lots of them, but started in Ventura, California

Favorite saint, and why: St. Bartholomew – Bold in the faith and ultimately skinned alive for it

What do you love about being Catholic? After studying the world’s living religions in college, I found the true faith to be in the Catholic faith

Favorite song to hear during Mass? “Who You Say I Am”

Confirmation saint: St. Bartholomew

Fun fact: My favorite car is the 1965 Mustang

Family: Married with 8 kids

Do you have any hidden talents? Tennis

What was your favorite toy as a kid? Transformers

What is something you do at St. John that no one knows about? Pick up trash on campus

What do you like to do in your spare time? Work out

Favorite food: Broccoli