Seminarian Jim Bors

About Seminarian Jim Bors

Pastoral Year Seminarian

Jim, a seminarian on pastoral year, will serve at St. John for the next year, until summer 2020. 

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Jim studied mechanical engineering and served on a fast attack nuclear submarine during the Cold War in the Western Pacific. His experiences include being part of a top secret special operation. He was stationed in Pearl Harbor, HI, and then was an instructor at the Naval Academy for two years. After leaving the Navy, Jim worked for 25 years in manufacturing and consulting before entering the seminary four years ago. 

Jim has traveled extensively for work, with destinations including Saudi Arabia and South Korea. He estimates he has been on 2,000 aircraft in his life.

Jim is a widower and has two grown sons, who he has taken on four mission trips to Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica. 


Position: Mount St. Mary’s seminarian on pastoral year (he has completed second theology, or 4/6 years of seminary); his projected ordination is in 2022

When did you begin working at St. John? June 2019

Hometown: Annapolis, MD

Where did you grow up? New Carrollton, MD

Favorite saint: St. Martin of Torres, a member of the Roman Army who had a heart for the poor

What do you love about being Catholic? The depth of the truth and the beauty and goodness of the faith; the faith is deep and centered on Jesus and the trinity

Favorite song to hear during Mass? “O God Beyond All Praising”

Confirmation saint: St. Anthony

Fun fact: He “jumped out of a perfectly good airplane” when he was a midshipman

Family: He is a widower (his late wife was named Shirley), and has two sons, Michael, 28, and Jeff, 26

What is something on your bucket list? To refinish his home to include a basement retirement suite

Do you have any hidden talents? Cooking

What was your favorite toy as a kid? Boats and trucks

What do you like to do in your spare time? Home improvement and gardening

Favorite food: Delicious, healthy food