January 2022 Protocol Updates from the Archdiocese of Baltimore

(as they pertain to St. John Westminster)


During Mass, masks will not be required for the congregation as Carroll County does not currently have a masking mandate, but are recommended.

All parishes, regardless of masking mandates within the local jurisdiction, are to require all liturgical ministers and clergy to wear masks, except when speaking, until the end of January.


Large-scale social gatherings, such as parish breakfasts and the Casino Night, will be postponed or cancelled for the month of January.  This will be re-evaluated for February.

For in-person ministry activity that remains, masking will be required for ALL parishes and ALL participants.  All other safety protocols including, hand sanitization, best attempts of social distancing (a minimum of 3 feet) and proper contact tracing in the event of a positive case occurring among the attendees, must be undertaken.