Dcn. Joe Cinquino

Permanent Deacon

Dcn. Mark Ripper

Permanent Deacon


Emily Rosenthal

Communications Coordinator

Seminarian Jim Bors

Pastoral Year Seminarian

Jim, a seminarian on pastoral year, will serve at St. John for the next year, until summer 2020.  A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Jim studied mechanical engineering and served on a fast attack nuclear submarine during the Cold War in the Western Pacific. His experiences include being part of a top secret […]

Ms. Jordan Tippett

Director of Religious Education

Mrs. JoMarie Tolj

School Principal

Rick Grinstead

Director of Youth and Young Adults

Position: Director of Youth and Young Adult How long have you been working at St. John? 1 year Town where you live: Hanover Hometown, where you grew up: Lots of them, but started in Ventura, California Favorite saint, and why: St. Bartholomew – Bold in the faith and ultimately skinned alive for it What do […]

Judy Dieter

Office Assistant for Rel. Ed./Health Care

Agnes Geraghty

Sacristan/Records Keeper

Dawn McClean

Parish Secretary

Mrs. Regina McCurdy

Director of Liturgical Music

Lina Ocasio

Administrative Assistant, Database Administrator (habla Español)

Mrs. Carmen Rivadeneira

Executive Assistant to the Pastor/Office Manager (habla Español)