We Give Because God Gave First

Our Parish Family's Offertory Program

Your generous support for our offertory program, Take the Next Step, is one way you can help ensure that St. John has the means necessary to further our mission of discipleship.


Download this revealing breakdown of our congregation’s giving patterns and learn what next step you can take.


Easy. Convenient. Secure.

Do you pay your bills online? Purchase gifts online? Make charitable donations online? Then why not give to your parish online? It’s a convenient, safe, easy way to support our mission from anywhere, any time.

Benefits for You…

  • Anytime, anywhere access -24/7
  • Safe, Secure & confidential
  • Use your checking, savings, or credit card
  • Set up and change your contributions at any time
  • No need to write checks
  • Contributions are scheduled, no need to make up missed contributions
  • Contribute to first and/or second collections even if you are out of town
  • Earn rewards through your credit card

Benefits for YOUR PARISH…

  • Reduces check processing fees
  • Allows staff to focus more time on ministries
  • Creates peace in knowing your data and gifts are secure
  • Helps predict cash flow for budgeting – The parish receives your contributions even during inclement weather or when you are on vacation
  • Better collection of payment history for tax purposes


Getting started is easy – just click the link below to enroll with GiveCentral. This is the best and preferred way to sacrificially give back to our parish family and throughout the year enroll in faith formation opportunities, get tickets for upcoming events and participate more fully in fun fundraising opportunities..