Stations of the Cross

Fridays at 7pm in the church


In additional to regularly scheduled Confessions, Fridays at 6:00 pm in the church except Good Friday

Holy Week

Holy Thursday

9:00 am Morning Prayer |Dcn Cinquino

7:00 pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper | Fr. Mark

Good Friday

9:00 am Morning Prayer | Sem. Angel

12:00 pm Stations of the Cross | Sem. Angel

6:30 pm Spanish Celebration of the Lord’s Passion | Fr. Leandro

Holy Saturday

9:00 am Morning Prayer/ Blessing of Food |Dcn. Ripper

8:00 pm Easter Vigil | Fr. Mark

Easter Masses in the church

9:00 am Mass: Fr. Mark

11:00 am Solemn Mass: Fr. Mark

1:00 pm Spanish Mass: Fr. Leandro

Easter Masses in the portico

7:30 am Mass (Portico):  Fr. Mark