Youth Ministry at Saint John explained


(High School)

Youth Ministry at St. John

St. John’s High School Youth ministry program will be led by our new Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Mr. Rick Grinstead. Rick holds a Theology degree from St. Thomas Aquinas College in Michigan and has over 20 years of experience in Youth Ministry. We are excited to share that along with a new face, our new Youth program will also have a new name, “Antioch”. Antioch will be Christ-Centered and Sacrament Centered. Each night will begin with Mass, so the Eucharist is the center of this program.

Why Antioch?

The Acts of the Apostles report, “It was at Antioch that the believers were first called Christians” (Acts 11:26). During the early church times, the community at Antioch was recognized as a particularly faithful, vibrant, loving, prayerful people of God.

Are we known as a Christian people at school, at home or in our neighborhood? Do we allow our faith in God to affect the way we are and act? Are we more loving, faithful, caring, honest and joyful because of our faith?

We are challenged as young people of the Church to accept the Love of God. We are challenged to be like those in Antioch. This is why we chose the name Antioch

What is the format for weekly meetings?

Weekly meetings begin with the 6:00pm Mass and end at 9:00pm in the Portico. Antioch begins with the Mass because the Mass is the source and summit of Catholic life.

Meeting formats may have some variation but will include the key elements of a focused theme activity, time for social gathering, prayer and worship music, small group discussion regarding the theme and then closing prayer.

Traditionally, Antioch meetings occur between retreat experiences. This is why we are beginning on July 22nd. The Steubenville Youth Conference is July 13-15th.


As a community that strives to deepen its Catholic faith, Antioch works to glorify God by bringing His Word to others through support, service, and example to fulfill our call to love.

As members of Antioch, we will accomplish our mission by:

1. Opening our hearts to the Holy Spirit.

2. Frequently (receiving) the sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation.

3. Daily Prayer (Ex. Spiritual reading, contemplative prayer, rosary, meditation).

4. Serving others.

5. Being welcoming to everyone.

Contact Rick Grinstead for more information: or 410-848-8443 x238.

Antioch is led by our Youth & Young Adult Director Rick Grinstead

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(Middle School)

Middle school (for 6th-8th grades) youth ministry at St. John is called SUMMIT! We meet on Wednesday nights from 6-7:30 in the Portico! Nights will focus on Catholic fellowship, friends and food! We might have a few messy nights—which you will have to dress accordingly for . . . and it will be great fun!

Contact Rick Grinstead for more information: or 410-848-8443 x238.

SUMMIT is led by our Youth & Young Adult Director Rick Grinstead